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Thaddeus A. S. Papke
Main Author

Julia Porter Papke
Editor and Project Coordinator

Cavan Rider
Contributing Author and Gadfly

Aurélien Barry
Chapter 2: Freeholds

Benjamin Gonzalez (
Chapter 4: Warm Blanket/Domovye

Raina Kuptz (
Chapter 1: Goodfellas and Goombahs

Simon Owen
Chapter 5: Famous Boggans

Otto "Blind" Pessanha (
Chapter 5: Character Templates

Melissa Uran (
Introduction: Philemon's Friends
Chapter 1: The Early Days/Fight, Flight and Freeholds
Chapter 3: Guilds

Barbara Wittmann (
Chapter 3: Pooka

Arkane (
All of the glass symbols used on the site, including the specially-designed Domovye symbol

Mr. Gone (
The character sheet- downloadable at the end of Chapter 5

Tony DiTerlizzi.

Original Web Design:
Emily Ortwein

Revised Web Design:
Richard Hopkins-Lutz

Thad would like to thank the changelings of Gainesville, for their years of dedicated roleplaying and support; and also his wife, without whom this project would never have happened.
Julia would like to heartily thank all of the artists and contributors who have generously lent their time and resources to this project.
Otto would like to thank Juliana, for indicating him for the project.
Richard would like to thank noone, for he is loatheful and vile and rather unwholesome


An excellent resource for Changeling players.

The fine people who host us.

Another fan Kithbook project.

A very comprehensive site, in Spanish.

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